Wednesday, October 15, 2014


I am continually posting new bible lessons. They are yours for the taking. Look in my blog archives and print off the ones you can use. I am tired of them sitting in my files and not being used by someone. Let me know if you are searching for a lesson on a specific text or subject. The comment option should work now. Here are the topics so far:

Repentence, knowing Christ, Waste, Dying to Self, Any Old Bush Will Do, Reaping & Sowing, Abiding in Christ, Honor and Shame, Healing, From Success to Significance, Apologetics, Trinity Basics It's All About You, Jesus Discussion Lessons for the Gospel of Mark, What is God Like--Attributes of God, Amalek.

If you want to develop your own bible lessons, here are some nuggets to build on:

The first step to finding peace in our circumstances is recognizing God's sovereignty.  99% of our spiritual anxiety is from a lack of understanding God's sovereignty.  We acknowledge his sovereignty when we conclude our prayer, "in Jesus' name."  Develop this lesson by giving examples from your own life and asking the class for their experiences.  Find stories from the bible that build on this concept. 

Spiritual warfare:
Ezekiel 13:5  Repair the breaks in the wall so it will stand firm in the battle.  What are the breaks in my wall that need repair?  What battle is coming in my life?  Discuss specific areas of spiritual warfare and how the battle is won.

Lamentations 3
God is faithful and compassionate in the midst of calamity.  This is a lesson that ministers to christians that are hurting.  Discuss God's attributes of faithfulness and compassion and how they apply to my circumstance.  Use biblical examples such as Joseph to demonstrate God working behind the scenes.